Women’s Health

When to Call a Lactation Consultant

Often, new parents do not know when to reach out for lactation help. As a Lactation Consultant, I am here for education before birth, support after the baby is born, and whenever your breastfeeding journey is ending, no matter the age. There are various issues we are available to assist with. Some baby issues would be Jaundice, Refusing/difficulty latching, poor weight gain, gaining weight too rapidly, frequent crying or fussing, feeding “all of the time”, babies born early, and frequent spit-ups to name a few. Other issues a Lactation Consultant can help with are painful latches, low milk supply, engorgement, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, questions, and help with breast pumps and flange sizes.

How To Support Your Partner during Pregnancy, Deliver, and After

Pregnancy: Supporting your partner begins with pregnancy. Communicating with your partner about her needs allows you to better understand what you can do to be there for. Just some ideas are to be there to help with errands or tasks, attend doctors’ appointments, attend prenatal and baby education classes. Talk together about what you both would like to experience during the labor and delivery experience.

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