Woodlawn Makes Healthcare Affordable

It is no surprise that healthcare is essential and at times pricey. At Woodlawn Hospital, we are working to earn the right to care for our community by helping our community have access to services.

  1. Price Match

Woodlawn Hospital matches competitor’s prices for those who are paying cash. Many times, on a high deductible plan, medical expenses must be paid out of pocket till you meet your deductible. To get a price match, you need to get the CPT code and price of the competitor in writing. You must also pay for the service up front.

  1. Help with Government Program

There are many federal and state programs that help Hoosiers pay for healthcare. These programs allow you to choose your doctor and travel to other health systems if you need more extensive care. Woodlawn Hospital has a department dedicated to helping you determine your Medicaid, Medicare and other income-based insurance. (ClaimAid)

  1. Sliding Scale and Charity Care

Woodlawn Hospital also has a sliding scale and charity care based on 200% of the government poverty guidelines. This allows you the opportunity to get care at discount if needed. (Charity Care)

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