Emergency Department

The objective of Woodlawn Health Emergency Department (ED) is to provide 24-hour emergency healthcare by qualified professionals in a safe, clean environment using state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology. The intent of the department is to provide excellent emergency healthcare as quickly, effectively, and affordably as possible. It is the overall goal of the Woodlawn Emergency Department and Woodlawn Health employees to assist patients and families in our community by providing compassionate care anytime it is needed.

The ED team consists of specially trained physicians, nurses, and paramedics who are capable of providing treatment for many illness, injuries, and life-threatening emergencies. Emergency department physicians at Woodlawn are contracted employees from a specialized physician ER agency. Their years of experience and positive, caring attitudes help them to meet your urgent healthcare needs.

Woodlawn Hospital partners with the Access TeleCare to provide 24/7 Neurology consultation for patients with a suspected stroke. Using a robust telemedicine system, we bring the specialist to the bedside, collaborating with the emergency team to recommend the best treatment for the patient. Read more about our Stroke Program.

The ED team is always ready to help patients who need immediate care or true emergency care. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to tell if you have a true emergency or if you just need to seek medical care quickly. You may call your family physician for assistance; however, emergency room employees cannot provide advice over the telephone. Always call 911 if you or someone you are with needs immediate medical treatment. Paramedics and EMTs can begin medical treatment at the scene and on the way to the hospital. They will alert the emergency department of your condition prior to arrival so they will be prepared.

Patients presenting to the ED will be triaged which is the process of determining the priority of medical treatment based on the severity of the presenting condition. Patients with emergent and more severe needs will be seen before those with less severe conditions. Our goal continues to be to see every patient as quickly and efficiently as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we would treat your loved ones in the same emergent manner.

In the event that a patient requires admission to the hospital, staff members in the Emergency Department work efficiently to provide stabilizing treatment prior to transfer to any of Woodlawn’s inpatient nursing units as well as other healthcare facilities in the state. The highly skilled emergency team has the ability to provide a wide variety of life-saving interventions prior to transfer. Transfer to other facilities can be arranged by ambulance or helicopter according to patient condition and weather.

The Woodlawn Emergency Department is located at the front of the hospital on the East wing. Personal assistance is available at the Main entrance for those who need help entering the hospital. Woodlawn Hospital is pleased to be able to offer valet parking during most business hours on weekdays.

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