Woodlawn Health Leadership

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The Woodlawn Health Administration Department is responsible for developing an effective medical staff of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals and supplying that staff with adequate equipment and facilities to provide high-quality health care while, at the same time, maintaining a cost-effective environment.

Woodlawn Health Administrative Staff:

Alan Fisher (Chief Executive Officer)
Paula McKinney (VP Patient Care Services/CNO)
Brad Rogers (Chief Operating Officer)
Carrie Bowers (Chief Financial Officer)
Katherine Horton (Chief Human Resources Officer)
Khrista Boster (Chief Marketing Officer)
Shannon See (Assistant to the President)

Board of Trustees:

Alison Heyde (Chairman)
Jim Straeter (Vice Chairman
Steve Furnivall (Secretary)
Glen Bode (Member)
Nancy Day (Member)
Terri Johnson (Member)
Greg Mellinger (Member)

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