Services Offered by Occupational Health

Pre-Employment Physicals

We know that hiring and retention are the most significant expenses to your bottom line. A pre-employment physical will help you ensure your future employee can physically perform the assigned tasks. A pre-physical includes the following:

  • Checking weight, height, pulse, and other vital signs
  • Examining vision, hearing
  • Monitoring reflexes and range of motion
  • Complete head-to-toe assessment

Work Comp Visits

When someone gets injured at work, it can be difficult and stressful. We are here to help! We offer same-day visits for work-related injuries. Our team does the following for you and your injured employee:

  • Evaluate the employee
  • Offers the treatment plan moving forward
  • Completes necessary paperwork for your third-party payor

Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

Woodlawn Health provides physicals for your drivers to obtain or keep their commercial driver’s license. Our occupational medical provider will check the following:

  • Vision
    • (If your employees wear contacts or glasses, please have them bring them along)
  • Hearing
    • Evaluating if your team member can hear a forced whisper
    • Examining the eardrum to make sure it is not broken 
  • Blood Pressure and other vital signs
  • Checking for hernias
  • Evaluating any tenderness or muscle weakness
  • Examining lungs, heart, and mouth for any abnormalities

Employee Drug & Alcohol Screening

We offer drug testing for our employers who require it for their employees. Being right here in Rochester allows employees to return to work sooner and avoid a long commute to and from the testing site. 

Lift Evaluations

If you have jobs that require your team to do heavy lifting, we can help evaluate their ability and coach them on proper form and techniques.

Onsite Services Offered

Earning the right to care for our community and your workforce means that we make it convenient for you to keep your employees healthy. 

Respiratory Fit Test / PFT’s

If the scope of your work requires your team to wear a protective mask or respirator for their safety, we can help with the fit. Our evaluations help to make sure you are OSHA compliant. Our team will even come onsite to evaluate your workforce.

Wellness Events with Biometric Screenings

Keeping your employees well through preventative care can help you in the long run. Our team will come onsite to perform biometric screenings, which could help lower your insurance premiums. Investing in your employee’s health can save you money:

Our team will come onsite to perform biometric screenings to help lower your insurance premiums. Keeping your employees well through preventative care can help you in the long run. Investing in employee’s health can save you money:

  • For every dollar you spend on an employee wellness program, you save six dollars.
  • Workplace wellness programs can reduce sick time leave by up to 25%.
  • A 1% reduction in health risk would save an employer between $83-$103 per employee.

*Source American Public Health Associates


Hearing is essential to safety and productivity. Our team is here to assist you with onsite Audiometry testing. Please call to request a quote or to get your employee population scheduled.

CPR and Basic Life Support Classes

Our team is certified to teach your employees CPR, AED, First Aid, and Basic Life Support classes. We can schedule a time to come onsite and teach these precious life saving skills. Contact us for more information.



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