Our Mission


The Mission of Woodlawn Health is to provide excellent healthcare services by highly skilled staff in a compassionate and caring manner. Woodlawn Health recognizes its responsibility to serve patients, employees, physicians, and the community.

The Vision of Woodlawn Health is to be the healthcare provider of choice in our service area. All members of the governing board, management, employees and medical staff must act in a manner consistent with Woodlawn Health’s mission statement, core values, principles, and supporting policies.

Customer Service Core Values


We are willing to generously provide excellent healthcare services to our patients. We recognize that our patients and guests have a sense of urgency. We value our patient's time and will listen carefully to what our patients have to say.


From the moment our patients step into our facility until the moment they leave, we will treat them as if they are the most important person.


Our employees will expand their role to be a patient and family advocate by acknowledging emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.


Our manner and expression will convey our concern for and willingness to serve our patients.


Patient information is strictly confidential and protected. We hold all of our colleagues responsible for ensuring that confidentiality is not compromised.


Integrity will be maintained by ensuring that all of our colleagues will share in the responsibility of keeping us in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing business practices through employee behavior education.


We will strive to maintain a working environment where people in all functions and at all levels can count on one another.

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