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Norma Jean's Birthday


There was a nurse in the ER that came after all this had happened and I was crying over the shirt but God bless her she was feeling really bad about the shirt and asked me what size I wore so she could go get me a new shirt and I said oh honey don't worry about it you know I was crying for no reason but mostly because of pain she felt so bad that she's the one that sent me the shirt I personally want to thank her so badly and I will figure out who she is but just to let you all know that there are awesome people in this world and Courtney J that works at the ER in Rochester is one of them!!!!


We got to come home today! I couldn't be more thankful for Woodlawn Hospital staff! I highly recommend anyone who is expecting or looking for a good hospital in general to go here! Every single nurse, and trust me I was there for a week and with twins, I had a lot of nurses! But every single nurse I had was absolutely amazing and supportive every step of the way! My boys from the moment they entered this world they were loved not just by us but also by the entire OB staff! They go above and beyond for their patients! We are glad to be home though and the boys are adjusting well! Excited for this journey to officially begin!


THANK YOU so much for all of you at Woodlawn for helping to save my husband's life during his heart attack in July. Words cannot express my Gratitude for what you do on a daily basis to help those in need. God Bless.


Dear Michele, Every so often in "doing business" whether it's a service, retail or health care, you encounter someone who stands out. Someone who goes far and above what is expected. Someone who has a positive attitude. Someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone who makes you feel that they truly care about you and your comfort and well being. I met that person today. She was my nurse, Gretchen. It goes beyond just being competent. There are a lot of nurses who are expert at drawing blood and inserting an IV. Those are the mechanical things that you get training for. I know because I have built and sold two companies and have trained plenty of people during those 36 years of ownership. The talents that Gretchen possess are inate and cultivated. I wanted to make sure that I recognized and thanked her again for her expert care and kindness. She is the benchmark of nursing and why people consider it to be such a noble profession. Please convey my appreciation to her and all her superiors. Kind regards,


Belated thanks for sending this picture of our baby, and my wife and I just wanted to express how much we appreciate Woodlawn and the staff there, especially in the OB department. This is the fourth baby we've chosen to have there, and every experience has been much thoughtful care and attention in an environment of support and diligence. We get the impression that it's a great environment for the staff to work in, and that makes it a great environment to be in as patients. It's like being among family and friends. Again, special kudos to the OB staff, and especially nurse Trish Roe, who we remembered from our last baby in 2019, and who made such a difference by her caring handling of some complications my wife had a few days after our latest baby was born, a couple of weeks ago. She went above and beyond in her kindness and help and it meant so much to us during that minor scare we had. You have a wonderful hospital, which to us is a rare find in this age of so many giant institutions where patients can feel like just a number. We appreciate Woodlawn very much.

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