Rehab to Home

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What is Rehab to Home? 

Our program is a short-stay, hospital-based program for patients who no longer require acute (inpatient hospital) care but still need rehab or skilled nursing care before returning home. This added care helps patients reach their former level of independence and return home safely.

Services are customized to every patient’s needs and may include the following:

Nursing provides recovery care, pain management, and education

Occupational Therapy focuses on skills needed to complete daily tasks safely. Some of these tasks include dressing, bathing, and grooming.

Physical Therapy provides personalized interventions to improve mobility, strength, and function to allow for a safe return home.

Respiratory Therapy provides needed education with respiratory/breathing medication. Monitors oxygen usage.

Speech Therapy treats difficulties with communication, thinking skills, and/or swallowing. Pharmacy works with medical team to meet medicine needs

Length of Swing Bed Stay:

Physicians monitor each patient’s progress to ensure they receive the correct level of care. The length of stay is dependent on a patient’s therapy goals and insurance. If a patient has a traditional Medicare plan, the program is covered at 100 percent for the first 20 days in full with a co-pay for the following days.

Return Home 

  • Utilization Review will assist patients with the following:
  • Arrange for community and home-based services, if needed
  • Coordinate alternate living arrangements
  • Help with the purchase of home medical equipment and supplies such as walkers, wheelchairs, and shower benches, to name a few.

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