The Overlooked Benefit of Wellness Programs

Aryn Bowser


What are the benefits of employer lead wellness programs for the employee and employer? It is a wise investment for both parties.

Employee Benefit

The 2021 U.S. Census tells us that 66% of the nation has private insurance coverage. Most of this coverage comes from employer-based group plans and is the backbone of the American healthcare system. Many of us use our employer-based insurance to cover normal visits to our family physicians, labs, and unforeseen illnesses and injuries. However, a lot of us miss out on the advantage of wellness screenings and health education covered by our insurance. Sometimes it isn’t openly offered, or it is presented as an obligation instead of the huge benefit that it really is. Not partaking in your company’s wellness screening is like leaving money on the table.

Wellness screenings offer a snapshot of your current health and basic labs. These results give insight on disease risks like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, and obesity. It can be a wonderful tool to track the progress in your health journey or the key to opening that door if you have not yet started. Many times, the same programs offer health and diet education and wellness initiatives throughout the year. Take advantage of these programs to help you broaden your understanding of what it means to take good care of yourself physically and mentally. As an employee, you could start with your HR department to see what the company offers.

Employer Benefit

An increased number of studies are showing the positive outcomes from these programs for the employee and the employer. Healthy workers are more productive, miss less work, have fewer injuries, and engage in their community more often than ill workers. It only makes sense for employers to invest in the wellbeing of their employees and ultimately their community.

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Editor's Note

Aryn is the Wellness Coordinator for Woodlawn Hospital.
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