Woodlawn Home Meal Program

Woodlawn Home Meal Program is a meal delivery service that provides nourishing meals to homebound persons who are elderly, ill, recently hospitalized or disabled, enabling them to maintain their independence while continuing to live in their own homes. Deliveries are made entirely through the efforts of volunteers who provide important social interaction and a link to the community. Clients must live within Rochester city limits and have a physicians order with their specific diet included before starting the program.

The freshly cooked, tasty meals consist of a hot lunch and a cold dinner prepared with each individual’s specific diet in mind. In addition to receiving a hot and nourishing meal, you may gain peace of mind by receiving a regular visit from a friendly face.

Currently we are serving approximately 20 individuals in the Rochester area. The number of clients fluctuates daily and seasonally due to their individual needs. The costs of meals are $6.50 per day which includes both lunch and dinner. You may pay one week ahead, due on Monday of each week, or one month ahead, due the first Monday of each month.

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday with the exception of some holidays. Special delivery allowances should be made for adverse weather conditions. If you are ever in question about the delivery of your meal stay tuned to our local radio station, WROI, 92.1 FM, for an announcement of cancellation, or call the Woodlawn Food Service Department at (574) 224-1188.

If you wish to cancel a delivery of meals either short or long term, to cover hospital visits, a trip, or holidays with relatives or friends, you should notify the Woodlawn Hospital Food Service department at least 24 hours in advance. With the proper notification, if you cancel a meal, we will credit your meal to the next week or month. It is very important that we know if a client is not going to be at home when his/her meal is delivered. For more information on the Woodlawn Home Meal Program, please contact the Woodlawn Hospital Food Service Department at (574) 224-1188.

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