Woodlawn Sleep and Respiratory Services

Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new day? If we said heart attack, stroke, or car accident, would you prioritize the quality of your sleep? Does any of the following describe you:

  • Do you snore?
  • Do you wake up frequently?
  • Have you been told you stop breathing while you sleep?
  • Do you wake up with a headache?
  • Do you often feel tired?

At Woodlawn Health we are here to care for our community by offering sleep studies either in the comfort of your home or at our facility (need a doctor’s referral for this service). To schedule your time, please call 574-224-1243.

Services Include:

Respiratory Therapists help those who have breathing issues. They are not doctors but can work with your doctor to monitor your condition. Depending on their condition, some services offered to inpatients include: 

  • Administer aerosolized medication
  • Deliver different oxygen devices to meet the patient’s needs
  • Drawing arterial blood gases to help evaluate ventilation and oxygenation
  • Operating ventilators & BiPAP machines for critical patients
  • Educating patients on pulmonary diseases, medications, and devices
  • Performing chest physiotherapy to help mobilize secretions
  • Assistance in C-sections for newborns with breathing issues
  • Certified in Pediatric and Adult advanced life support as well as neonatal resuscitation.
Pulmonary Function Studies: This is a series of tests that measure lung health and function. These tests include basic spirometry, pre and post bronchodilator studies, and lung volume measurements that are helpful in diagnosing and treating diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and other breathing related disorders.

An EEG or, electroencephalogram, detects irregular brain wave patterns. This procedure is used to rule out certain conditions in children and adults including the following: brain tumor, stroke, seizure disorders and headaches to name a few.

When you come for your test, our staff will attach gel electrodes to your scalp. Then depending on your doctor’s instructions, you will be asked to perform several different tasks. This process is safe and relatively painless.

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