Woodlawn Wound Care Center

Woodlawn Wound Care

We all have had cuts and blisters that heal on their own. But what happens if the wound doesn’t heal? Woodlawn is here to help!


Outpatient Wound Care 

Our Rehabilitation Service Department, located inside the hospital, takes fantastic care of our community members who need outpatient wound care. With a doctor’s referral, they can assess the area and develop an individualized treatment plan.


Inpatient Wound Care 

Woodlawn has a nurse who is a certified wound specialist and other nurses who are trained and experienced in providing wound care.


Nail Care 

Nail Care is a service no longer offered at Woodlawn Health.  

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Opening Hours

Mon, Tue,  Wed, Thu, Fri

07.30 -18.00

For an appointment, please call 574-224-1160.

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